Catalogue design for the David Hockney’s exhibition at Fondation Vincent van Gogh in Arles, France.

Under the direction of Côme de Bouchony.



Web design and developement for Areniscos.

The main content is displayed using a slideshow that ,at the same time, also contains three other slideshows. This was done experimenting with ajax and the flexbox property.

Areniscos is an experiment project by Victor Castanera, product pesigner based in Barcelona.

Posters_BN_01ABCD Posters_color


The following typeface experiment is a project I developed during my diploma. An exercise around the concept of grotesque, bizarre, weird, etc.

After a research on the grotesque in several fields: cinema, painting, photography, etc, I got an early and personal definition for the grotesque:
The treatment of an element, as a whole. Being this element a constitutive part of a bigger element.

Typography was going to be the subject I worked on. I broke down the trace to its minimum element, the point. In the end, all letter forms derive from the transformation of the point.



Brand identity design for a real state and construction company. (Still in process)

The project included: concept, naming, logotype and identity system of the brand.

The naming is the main element of this brand identity. This brand name is also integrated into the identity as well as the messages.

For a more details on thisproject please contact here: hello@joel-arias.com



Art direction and photography for a start-up creating bags.

The particularity of these bags is the material they are made of. The fabric used is the sames as the one used for safety belts in automobiles.

The photographs try to show the beauty of this material throught its own relfections.

spread_1spread_2 poster_fondo_negroposter_fondo_blancocover


Art direction and identity design for the Autumn/Winter collection of Jose A. Sanchez: Olivar.

Olivar, from the spanish olive grove, is a fashion design project inspired by the mediterranean landscape. The identity compares the clothing line with the olive grove.It uses black and white photography to highlight texture and form on top of colour.

The texture of the roman capital carved in stone inspires the typeface

Rulegar typeface desgin


Grotesque type design: Rulegar (Still in process).

Visit the typeface blog here: www.processque.tumblr.com.

Cover spread_6spread_3spread_5 spread_2Poster_fondo_blanco


Concept development for an architectural photography exhibition.

The final product is a catalogue based in the abstraction of architectural bodies. It contains several photographs of different buildings.

The spread can be teared out, giving the audience the chance to enjoy the photographs on their own, like in the exhibition.

The design of the poster is the abstract result of overlapping images to create a new one.



Symbole design for the agency Birdog.

Under the direction of Folch Studio.



Display typeface design for the identity of the project OLIVAR.

The reference for this typeface was the texture that results from the composition of the roman capitals carved in stone. So the criteria for designing this typeface was to get this texture surface once it is composed.